Defender of Earth
Published 3 years ago
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Defender of Earth a Tower Defense Game set in space. Your defending Earth from an invading force of 3 alien races. Your battle starts in outer quadrants of space as the Alien Armada makes it's way to Earth. Utilizing orbital space stations and turret platforms your job is to stop the coming onslaught.
As you know the Varookuzan race was the first confirmed alien contact in 2024. Earth had sent its first manned ship mission to Mars. A science vessel called the Odyssey. The Odyssey carried 124 astronauts and scientist aboard on a mission to colonize Mars. It was destroyed by a Varookuzan frigate class vessel. A single transmission was sent to earth by the Varookuzan ship in all our languages. Prepare for War. Earth’s governments, militaries, and scientific communities banded together to fight this new menace.  With one purpose, we as a one world nation revitalized the cold war program the Strategic Defense Initiative also known as Star Wars and from that built EDN Earth’s Defense Network. The EDN created Orbital Galactic Stations utilizing battle platforms to build a network of defenses out in deep space near space anomalies thought to be wormholes created as a means of transportation to earth by the initial Varookuzan ship. It is now 2040 and Earth awaits the coming Alien Armada……  General you are now the DOE, Defender of Earth, and the first wave of ships has arrived. Good luck.
* 3 alien races with at least four different ship types * 4 levels per alien race 1 final level where all  alien races attack at once.* 8 turrets : proximty mine, machine gun, pulse cannon, lazer turret, missile launcher, Area of Effect, Resource Gatherer, Support Tower. 4 level of upgrades. Multiple paths for aliens to attach from. 
shane duncan
3D / 2D artist - Designer
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