Deed - The Game
Updated 5 months ago
Android; iOS; WebGL
Business Game
Deed is the game that you deal intelligent business and make the planet sustainable.
Have fun playing alone offline and online with your friends.
In Deed, your profit depends on the success of the other players. Become an entrepreneur and investor to deal profitable businesses.
Your challenges are: realize the highest amount of business with other players, using the 5 key resources in the Planet: People, Knowledge, Technology, Natural Resources, and Finance (Talent$ - the currency in the game).
With Deed you develop a new mind set to create wealth through businesses.
+ You get offline training, playing with the Tutor. Then, to progress you play online matches with your friends, anytime and anywhere.
+ You can make a fortune in business with your friends and even become the Planet more sustainable in 5 key resources.
+ You select matches for few minutes or for several hours.
+ Playability and fun that are typical of board games, play with your friends and have fun like you were at the same place.
Sinergia Studios
Décio da Silva Júnior
Concept Artist / Illustrator - Artist
Sandro Morishita
Production Director - Manager
Guilherme Dovadoni
Game Designer - Designer
Game Languages
English; Portuguese, Brazil; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; WebGL