Published 3 years ago
Windows; HTC Vive; Oculus Rift
After ten long years, today is the big day! Helpful Kevin, the Bunker Co. customer service representative, will be your guide as you make your transition into the new world.
Debunked was created at the Vancouver site for Global Game Jam 2017.
We decided to challenge ourselves to make a game where all of the art was created in Oculus Medium.
We were a team of 6 with 2 programmers, 2 artists and 2 sound designers. The HTC Vive was our target platform and 2 Oculus Rifts were used to create assets and test them in VR.
Debunked is a puzzle game / escape room that takes place in a two room bunker that you have been living in for the past ten years. The bunker was rented from Bunker Co and a customer service agent has contacted you to let you know it is time to leave. The agent guides you through the necessary steps as you explore the bunker and interact with all sort of objects.
Our final game is really more of a prototype. We might develop it into a larger experience in the future!
Download and try it out here:
Bradley Adams
Senior Software Engineer
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Windows; HTC Vive; Oculus Rift