Dead Zombie Land
Published 4 years ago
Available on
Windows; Mac; iOS; Android
Explode as many zombies as you can in this new, unique stylized game!
The zombie apocalypse happened, and the zombies won! Now it’s their world!
In this new society, you are a zombie, and your head is about to explode! (Why not?)
Use the time you have left wisely to take out as many zombies with you as possible before your head explodes. But here's the catch: you must always explode an equal or greater amount of zombies that you'd exploded last time.
Dead Zombie Land includes:
- Many zombies explosions!
- Beautifully modelled 3D pixel art!
- Light and shadow effects, the game will always look different!
- Amazing locations in a dead wasteland!
- Compete with your Facebook friends, and see who is the greatest zombie mass exploder!
- Ranking and achievements!
- Nicely themed level packs!
- Over 20 playable characters!
- Play with zombified versions of characters you love!
- Continuous updates with even more extra content!
Cruel Byte
Games and Immersive Experiences - Owner
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; iOS; Android