Cutthroat Spades
Published 2 years ago
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iOS; Android
Cutthroat Spades with Pirates
Adventure on the high seas in this unique story-driven twist on the classic three-handed Spades card game. You've been pressed into service by pirates and must match wits with the crew before facing off against Captain Anderson of the Rose Marie to win your freedom.
You’ve played spades—now play spades with Pirates!
♠Extremely competitive computer opponents/AI that do not cheat (with the exception of Crackers; he will rat you out).
     ♦At higher levels, opponents may gang up with another player to defeat the lead player, in true cutthroat style,
     ♦Or help a player to win if it keeps the tournament going.
♠Two opponent skill attributes.
     ♦Memory: how well a player remembers what has been played.
     ♦Strategy: how well a player uses the information he/she knows.
♠6 levels/chapters with increasing difficulty, a continuing story, and alternate endings.
♠12 Unique Opponents with their own personalities, backgrounds, voices, and skill.
♠Featuring the extraordinary voice talent of John Varker and company.
♠Tournament-style play in which the goal is to be the first to reach a predetermined number of wins.
♠Compete for high scores on the Leaderboards in special tourneys.
♠22 Achievements to complete.
♠Finesse-Based Ads: the better you play, the fewer ads you see.
♠Or Purchase Remove Ads
♠Unlockable Custom Game mode: choose final score, tournament wins, opponents, and more.
♠Two ways to unlock Custom Game mode: through Purchase or defeating the Captain.
♠Watch ads to help you recall what cards have been played.
♠Custom sound tracks that set the pirate mood, with more unlocked as you play.
♠This app was produced by a stay-at-home dad, so expect greatness, because stay-at-home dads rock!
Story excerpt: You wonder about the name of the ship. When you ask Hamish, he gives you a disquieted look and beckons you closer. “None of us know, at least not the whole story, but never ask the Cap'n. He's mor'n likely to bleed ya back and toss ya to the sharks.”
Discover the mystery aboard the Rose Marie.
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iOS; Android