Crossy Brakes - Blocky Driving Game
Published 2 years ago
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How far can you drive with failed brakes in this addictive driving game?
Why couldn't the Chicken cross the Road?
Because you were driving like crazy.. yeah..That's right..!
Crossy Brakes is a physics based Awesome driving and crashing game you can Hop into your car and dominate the blocky roads as you drive your way through the bustling city, calm villages and green forests while avoiding rushing vehicles.
But be extra careful not to get crashed at intersections and railroad crossings though!
And watch out for the crossing chickens, ducks, animals and people, hit them and swat helicopters are after you. The Swat Helicopter will shoot rockets at you and you must maneuver an endless escape drive dodging dangerous rockets and obstacles such as spikes, blades, rocks, traffic and trains resulting in some fun and hilarious near misses and crashes in this unique physics driving game!
Be the road star. Get ready to smash on the risky road. 
Enjoy smashing into trash buckets , footballs , tennisballs , rugby balls and more physics based objects. Drive casually on the Highway or go full throttle using nos and rush through highway traffic dodging cars and obstacles on the risky blocky roads. 
◉ Hold the ACCELERATE button to move forward.
◉ Press LEFT or RIGHT to steer your car in corresponding direction.
◉ Avoid crashing into traffic cars and obstacles.
◉ Pick Coins and Power-ups ( like NITROUS, COIN MAGNET, JUMP )  on the go.
◉ Press the POWER button to use a Power-up.
◉ Keep your eye on the SUPER-BAR in the Top of the screen. Your car will become SUPER-POWERFUL and crush everything in its way when it fills up completely .
◉ Avoid hitting animals and people on the road or you will become wanted and POLICE HELICOPTER will start chasing you.
◉ Experience action packed car chases
◉ More than 20+ CARS (new cars on the way!)
◉ Amazing 3D Blocky graphics
◉ Collect coins on the go 
◉ Rewarding MiniGames
◉ SHARE  Epic Screenshots of accidents and crashes with your friends
◉ Challenge your friends with your High Score in Leaderboards 
◉ Different Camera Angles
◉ ENDLESS and FUN gameplay
◉ High, Medium and Low Graphic options
◉ 3D racing - Blocky style!
◉ Daily tasks to complete
◉ Smooth and realistic driving
◉ OFFLINE Gameplay , no wifi required
◉ GameServices achievements and leaderboards
So, are you ready for an awesome and colorful blocky driving experience? Can you handle the Noob Driver, Truck , Mystery Motor, Failing Rider or UFO of Outer Space.
Are you ready for some hilarious crashes and exciting driving experience?
Well, consider this your time to drive and download Crossy Brakes, fast..!
No Timers, No Fuel bars, No Limits.
Future Updates :New Maps,CARS, PowerUps and More.
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