Published 3 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Linux; TBA
Creacorp is a game inspired on the Pokémon franchise games for handhelds, it will feature a huge 3D world, time system where certain events only happens in certain hours of the day and certain days of the week and the weather will also have influence in those events, the creatures will also appear on the map based on these conditions, each creature will have its criteria to appear on the map, if they don't, the player will always be able to search for them on caves on isolated places of the map, some creatures will be created by us and others the player will be able to create helping us funding on the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. The game will also features a character customization system, the player will be able to wear his creatures with some accessories, some will also have different hair styles, colors and their height will vary, each creature will be unique.
Tame, train and fight. Creacorp will feature a huge and very interactive semi-open world (or open world depending on how well the crowdfunding campaign finishes), lots of different creatures to tame and battle, lots of quests and side-quests, a time system and a day night cycle that affects the quests, creatures, events among other elements of the game. 
Creacorp Championship
The player's main goal will be become the champion of the Creatures Corporation Championship, to get there the player will first need to win lots of fights, solve puzzles in the game world and do a lot of quests JUST to get in the island where the championship is going to take place, there, the player will need to fight a lot more with very skilled creature coaches, solve even more puzzles to get experience to raise his Coach Grade. You will start at Grade F and to face the current champions you will need to fight until you reach the Grade A+, this championship is the first part of the game. 
Game World
The game will be set in a semi-futuristic world, this world (which, again, I still don't know if it's going to be fully open-world) will have lots of secret places to unlock through advancing in the game history or by solving puzzles, of course, some puzzles can only be solved by progressing the history, other puzzles will be able to be solved by using different creatures special abilities. I will feature big and small cities, caves/dungeons, forests, green open spaces. The game will be split in 3 big areas, a coastal region, a big island and a small island, those locations will be inspired in real world locations in Brasil but with an anime-like visual. 
The player will have a lot of things to do, from fights (and other "sports" that his creatures will be able to practice) to puzzle solving, camping (or you can travel at night if you want to but it's not recommended), helping other people in the game world and many other things. 
More info coming soon, if you want to stay tuned in what I'm doing for the project just follow my twitter account, I tweet everything.
Rodolfo Bezerra
Game Languages
English; Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux; TBA