Crashy Boulder
Published 2 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Crashy Boulder is a fun action packed game with massive level destruction.
Crashy Boulder is a fun action packed game, with massive level destruction and cool obstacles. You can play it on the go or whenever you have free time and want to relax with a little stone mayhem. Smash your way to victory by crushing all the stone that prevents you from reaching those pesky adventurers that want to loot your tower. Destroy the adventurers before they do more damage to the tower treasury and avoid destroying the mages that can rebuild the blocks and will protect your boulder. Become the greatest boulder and collect all the stars in the levels to refill the vault with new goodies.
Aim your boulder towards the adventurers, try to get them all with as fewer boulders as possible, while collecting all the stars and avoiding hitting mages.
Control the speed of your launch and direction, also remember you only have 3 boulders to destroy all the adventurers.
Some types of terrain can be destroyed while other types are indestructable. Use this to your advantage!
- Awesome gameplay
- Total level destruction
- Traps and explosions
- Easy to play
- Fun for everyone
- Cool effects
Romeo-Gabriel Baisan
Senior Unity Programmer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
iOS; Android