Crane Jumper
Published 5 years ago
Available on
Android; iOS

“Ok I’ll have just ONE more go”
“But I’m soooo close”
“Ok. 5 more goes”
“Ok. 5 more GOOD goes”
“That one didn’t count”
Crane Jumper is a fast-paced incredibly tough game suitable for all ages. All you have to do is jump… on cranes… sounds simple right? This skill/action game will challenge your brain, your reflexes and your patience.
You have 2 options, jump or sprint but be careful, once you start the level, you cannot stop. Sprinting consumes energy so use it wisely but don’t worry, when you stop sprinting your energy will replenish over time.
Please download, play, share, rate and most importantly, have FUN! We read the reviews daily and welcome any feedback.
*** Do not waste energy. You will only gain speed when on a crane, therefore, do not sprint in the air (No sky sprints)
*** Whilst it is possible to jump whilst sprinting, it will probably slow you down.
Rod Hall
Game Languages
English, British; English
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS