Clash Of Ricans
Published 4 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Here is a guy from Puerto Rico trying to survive feeding politician zombies.
ClashOfRicans is a game of survival in the midst of a "zombie apocalypse" but this time the zombies are somewhat peculiar. They are not any "zombies", are politicians, who only want from you, your money, and the only way to kill them is feeding. Everything happens in front of the Capitol of Puerto Rico, where it is assumed that politicians work to improve the lives of people who elect them, although we all know that this is not one hundred percent. But ... it not all finished, there is hope. There "Super Papo" a national hero who became the most controversial election year of our history, to end traditional politics in a different and fun way. BURGERS AND CHIPS FIRING!
Juan C Maldonado Berríos
Programmer Analyst
Game Languages
English; Spanish
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android