Circle Sweep
Published 2 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Planet of the Apps proudly introduces Circle Sweep - not just another match 3 game...

Mobile puzzle games have always been a “me too” category, with app stores filled with hundreds of look-alike games. There is practically no real innovation, especially in gameplay. Planet of the Apps is now releasing Circle Sweep to disrupt the match-3 genre, proving fresh gameplay can still be found.
Circle Sweep is a brilliant and addictive new puzzle game for anyone who wants to use their brain and play a colorful logic game that puts their decision-making skills to the test. Circle Sweep combines decision-making challenges with puzzle mechanics to create an original new game mechanism.
Start training your brain with an exciting, free puzzle game that involves colorful orbs and creative visual designs. Connect orbs of the same color with brain teasers and challenges that will have you anticipating each and every step in Circle Sweep!
The brilliance of Circle Sweep is in its simplicity; everything is streamlined to perfection, from the design to the gameplay. Everyone can play, but only a few will master it. Will you be one of them?
Among its numerous games features, Circle Sweep also introduces a special accessibility mode for color-blind users.
Ben Engel-Kacen
Game Languages
English; French; German; Russian; Spanish
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android