Chrono Clash
Updated 3 years ago
In development
2.3 K
Windows; iOS; Android
Chrono Clash is a tactics RPG for smartphones and PC.
Control up to 5 characters in combat using a smaller grid system made for today's mobile gamer.
Each character is customize-able with different gears and skills.
Chrono Clash is a turn based strategy game with each player being able to control up to 5 characters in combat.
The game uses a smaller grid size for shorter combat, but still allows gamers to customize their characters/skills and equipment. The game uses full 3D models with equipment that changes the characters' look.
Another key feature of the game is the freedom using skills across different classes. This creates more possibilities for team formation in combat.
Outside of combat, players can choose to hire more characters and travel the world map to explore new areas.
The game is currently in development and will be available on Android/iOS/Windows platform (Other platforms are also being considered).
Gamenami Pte Ltd
Game Languages
English; Japanese
Supported Platforms
Windows; iOS; Android