Castle Hustle
Published 3 years ago
Castle Hustle is a turn-based local co-op game for up to 6 players. The king's castle is under attack by magical creatures and it's up to you and your friends to defend it.
Castle Hustle is a turn-based local multiplayer game for up to 6 players. The king and his mighty army are on a faraway expedition when magical creatures attack the unprotected castle. It is up to you, a group of peasants, to defend it with all the teamwork skills you can muster.
Pick up everything that is not nailed down, carry it to the catapults and fling it at the approaching giants. But beware of flying barrels and teammates wandering about, or you might get knocked out on the spot. In order to come up with a plan and avoid any mistakes, it is essential to talk to each other and coordinate your actions. The more people are playing, the more frenetic the game gets!
Castle Hustle is a digital board game at heart and great for all from children to adults. It was designed for AirConsole, a browser-based platform that uses smartphones as controllers.
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