Published 3 years ago
In development
In this game, users will be brought to a fantasy setting, playing as a group of cartographers who are on a mission to explore mysterious archipelago and chart the explored areas as maps.
Background Story
The story begins when a man, Argu, found an island on the horizon. He and his people had been living in Irlang, a floating town on the surface of the ocean whose people had never seen land for generations. No one has any memory or records of how they reached there. But each generation of this town had been passing down a saying, "Someday, we will see the end to the sea."
That is the very saying that made Argu and his group of cartographers embark on an adventure. An adventure to map the so-called end of his world, the Land.
Similar Work / Inspirations
In short, Cartographers takes the 2D exploration element of Terraria and the basic input mechanic of Angry Birds, combined with generic item-inventory-crafting-upgrades elements, that can be found in many RPG games like Monster Hunter, which is an inspiration to Cartographers' very own settings.
Target Audience
Rather than age group, Cartographers aims to satisfy players who have fun from ‘clearing a level at 100%’, commonly known as perfectionist or completionist – Such fun that you could obtain from getting 100% in Zenbound or the explorative behavior when doing dungeons in Skyrim.
More Information
Do visit the game's GitHub wiki via the following link to read more about the formal (rules, mechanics, currencies) and dramatic (background story, characters, lores) elements of the game.
Alvin Herawan
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