Camp 30 - Digital Legacy
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Windows; Mac; Other VR; Android
Camp 30: Digital Legacy lets you experience a pivotal POW camp in souther Canada during WW2. Discover the amazing tales of honour, plotting and only enough kindness that this historic site has to share.
Come back to the 1940s and live history. In WW2 Canada operated many Prisoner Of War (POW) camps, the most famous being Camp 30. Home to high-ranking Nazi officers, daring escape tunnels, U-Boat rescue missions, and the only WW2 battle to take place on North American soil, you won't want to miss out on Camp 30's legacy.
Camp 30: Digital Legacy is an immersive tour of historic Camp 30. The tour will have two key perspectives: a Prisoner of War tour and a Guard tour. Each tour will highlight different events and locations. All facilities at the camp would be accurately modeled, with some only having exterior details. The buildings of the Camp 30 historic site will be modeled with accurate interiors and exteriors to reflect the prairie style that the architect pondered for Ontario. The prisoners will play, work, and farm as they did according to witness accounts and historic documentation. This will create the environment that the POWs would have lived in.
  • POW Tour
  • Guard Tour
  • Historic Building Library
Beyond delivering an incredible experience, DMD would like to be able to provide this experience to our local museum at minimal cost. This project is a way to preserve an important part of Canadian history and culture and is a way DMD can give back to the community that helped form and full our success, while also honouring our veterans.
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Matthew Murchison
Technical & 3D Artist @ Alientrap Games - Artist
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Windows; Mac; Other VR; Android