Built for Speed: Racing Online
Published 3 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Build your own tracks and become a racing legend!
Built for Speed is a classic top down racing game with modern twist, created especially for mobile devices. It features asynchronous multiplayer racing against people around the globe on tracks created by the players themselves!
The gameplay in Built for Speed is focused on great old school racing feel, and precise controls. The pedal is always on the metal and it's up to you take care of the steering. You can race your rivals and friends in multiple game modes each offering a different challenge every time. Events and Cups feature a new challenge every day, with new tracks and new players to challenge.
The game features a classic easy to use grid-based track editor where you can unleash your creativity and build your own tracks in the track editor and share them with the community. Build and share the track of your dreams— or explore new tracks made by the finest track builders in the community! Design awesome circuits, get likes, and gain whopping rewards.
Unlock all the unique cars inspired by different eras of racing! Collect and upgrade them all and leave your rivals in the dust! 4 different car classes and different road surfaces give a lot of variety for different racing feel.
Team up with your friends and a start a racing team. Battle other teams from around the globe to decide who's true racing royaly. 
In Built for Speed fair play is the name of the game! No forced ads, no fuel mechanics, and no premium-only cars: every ride's competitive and everything's obtainable—if you have the skill!
Meizi Games
Game Languages
English; Finnish; Portuguese, Brazil; Portuguese, Portugal
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android