Published 4 years ago
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Android; iOS; Windows

New friends and exciting adventures awaits you in #Buddies, your new Pet Game developed by Signum Game Studio!
Choose between two different Buddies (Booh and Drak) and raise them with care, fun and delicious treats! Each of them has their own unique Personality (Shy, Brave and Playful), but it is up to you to discover how to change it, and change your #Buddies experience as a whole with it!
#Buddies is completely free to play, including purchasing foods, toys and awesome cosmetic items to customize your Buddy with Coins which you will acquire playing, but you will also be able to purchase them more quickly with Paws, #Buddies official cash currency, available through payment or obtainable in-game by many ways!
Play with your Buddy in many exciting Mini-Games, like Bubble Buddy, Buddy n' Seek, Boom Boom Buddy, Buddy Pulling and Dizzy Buddy!
Choose your Buddy and help it grow happy and healthy, and give some nice treats and a belly rub when it behave nicely! Booh and Drak are just waiting you!
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Android; iOS; Windows