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In this mind-expanding puzzle game you'll need to reflect and refract beams of colored light. Use mirrors to bounce the light around and prisms to split the beams into more colors. Light up all the crystal in each level to advance.

Features hundreds of cleverly designed levels ranging in difficulty from tame to insane. Also features a level editor and the ability to share your levels with other players.
Brilliance is the first NeoShaman Games release with an in-house design.  The game is designed to not only be fun and challenging, but also give the player an intuitive understanding of geometry and color!
In Brilliance, you get to direct colored beams around a hexagonal grid with mirrors.  This is quite a fun mechanic, because very often strange and unexpected shapes will emerge.  Also, you'll need to use prisms to split the beams into more colors.  The 3 "secondary" colors of light (cyan, magenta, and yellow) can be split into their component colors (red, green, and blue).  For example, when a cyan beam passes through a prism, it will result in a blue and green beam.
The object of the game is to light up all the crstals in each level.  Crystals can be one or more colors and are lit up when the matching-colored beams pass through it.  There are also number cystals, which light up when the cooresponding number of different colored lights passes through it.  For instance, a crystal with the number 3 will light up when a red, yellow, and blue beam hits it, or any other combination of 3 colors.
Brilliance also featurs a level editor which is fun to play with on its own.  Once you've crafted a brilliant level, you can upload it to our server and it will be available for others to try out!  When you complete a user-made level, you'll be able to rate the level on how fun it was and also mark it's difficulty.  This way, you'll be able to make a good decision when selecting which user-made levels to trade your tokens for.
Brilliance is free-to-play.  It includes a brief tutorial and a free level pack with 30 levels.  You'll also get 30 tokens you can trade for 30 user-made levels.  If you like the game and want more, you can purchase additional level packs and tokens.  NeoShaman Games finds ads annoying, so all of our games are ad-free.  We also commit to never having pay-to-win scenerios in our games. Games are about challenges, not about shelling out money to advance.
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