Brake or Break
Published 3 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Full speed ahead! Simple and fun! One button controlled racing mayhem.
Climb those awesome hills!
Brake or Break is a physics based racing game where you try to get as far as you can without breaking you car. Gas pedal is always ON so the only thing you need to worry is to remember to brake every once in a while.
Push your skills to the limit and dominate the global leaderboards and leave your friends in the dust!
Unlock all the cool cars and amazing landscapes! Collect and customize your character in thousands of unique ways!
This game has many unique elements such as head wind, one button controls, smooth physics and endless terrains which are automatically generated.
- One button controls
- Automatically generated terrains
- Unlock new beautiful cars
- Unlock new awesome landscapes
- Customize your character & vehicles
- Level up your cars to make them more durable
- Level up your episodes to get more prizes and experience
- Beat the ghost cars
- Endless game play
- Original soundtrack.
- No energy mechanics to limit how much you can play
- Leaderboard and Achievements
Meizi Games
Game Languages
English; Finnish
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android