Brainstorm - a party game
Published 5 years ago
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Android; iOS

Brainstorm, a party game is a game app for iOS and Android that rolls many favorite party games into one - with a few surprise categories as well! Played in two teams of any size, it is designed to keep players with all types of skill sets engaged.
9 Categories of On-Your-Toes Gameplay, with over 9,000 Challenges.
  • Act-it (charades) - One person acts out the clue for the rest of the team.
  • Guess-it (word clues) - Get your team to guess as many words as they can.
  • List-it (things in a category) - Teams try to guess the 9 answers in the category.
  • Draw-it (draw the clue) - Get your team to guess your drawing as quickly as they can.
  • Match-it (memory) - Find the pairs as quickly as you can, watch out for the moving tiles.
  • Perform-it (reverse charades) - The team acts out the clue for just one guesser.
  • Order-it (sorting challenge) - Put the listings in order...shortest to longest, oldest to newest.
  • Build-it (tangram torture!) - Use geometric shapes to build a picture of the clue.
  • Know-it (trivia challenge) - Guess as many trivia questions as you can before the buzzer.
  • 9 categories of play with
  • Over 9,000 different challenges
  • Game play: Play all categories or select only your favorites
  • Game length: Select the number of round
Clint Carpenter
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Android; iOS