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It's a simple physics puzzle game. You have to make a target and blow up a castle in each stage, that gets hard one after another. Just aim and shoot.

Have you played physics puzzle games once which are very addictive and you just can't take your mind off that stage you are stuck on, well here's another awesome fun puzzle game totally free ,all you have to do is aim and shoot.
It's simple you got a cannon, aim the castle (your enemy) and shoot . BOOM! mission accomplished. Sounds fun right. 
Little story if you are interested (for question why):
Zormen kingdom has forcefully taken over a village and jailed its people ,few of them have managed to escape prison .Help them getting back their occupied land and people.
You are a saviour who is helping villagers in doing so. Further story inside game.
Key features:
- Currently 50 levels (more levels coming soon)
- Innovative physics game play (making angle , bouncing through walls)
- Fun animation and graphics (specially when castle blows up)
- Simple and addictive (just have to solve the puzzle , decide the perfect angle ,then aim and shoot)
Shoot your enemy by aiming cannon or bounce a cannon-ball through walls guiding it towards their building. Rotate and place moving walls at suitable points, making the best angle ; just so when you open fire , BANG! Ball hits the target.
Remember cannon ball here is to bounce from walls.
So your aim doesn't have to be directly at enemy before shooting , it could be a wall from where it will bounce towards your enemy making the angle you calculated.
Each stage is simple yet a challenging puzzle to refresh your mind . Excellent brain exercise for the lovers of physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics . Go for it if you are looking for a great time killer.
Not too difficult nor too easy its a fun and simple puzzle game that every age player can enjoy.
shahrukh ahmad
Game Dev - Programmer
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