Bounce Me
Published 2 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
A fun and addictive side scroller where you try to stay alive as long as possible. You are playing as a little guy who likes to bounce on his ball but unfortunately the road is filled with spikes. Your quest is to help him avoid the spikes for as long as possible!
The game features this young guy called Fred. He just loves bouncing around on his ball, unfortunately he has sidestepped into a road filled with spikes. With the incredible misfortune he also has some fortune and with the help of you he can bounce so much longer! So go out there and avoid the dangerous spikes on the road and see how far you can bounce in this fun and bouncy 2D game. Your skills of avoiding spikes are set on the ultimate test here in Bounce Me, don't just jump, bounce!
The game features: 
- Simple controls: tap the screen to bounce
- Achievements
- Online leaderboards
- Retro pixel art graphics
- A friend in Fred
Magnus Huttu
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android