Bombom - Sokarian Invasions
Published 4 years ago
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Discover the joy of skillfully controlling dual stick in our fast-paced survival shooting game. Whichever game mode you choose is elaborately optimized by our team and will give you the best dual stick shooter experience ever.
"Fight for survival, Survive for protecting."
    We all like shooting games, but we want to change the overwhelming impression of 
    destruction in the game plot and story. 
    The concept of “protection” should be embodied in the game mechanism, not only in 
    the story. Therefore, we’ve designed two-life game mechanism for Bombom. In 
    addition to players’ own lives, they also need to protect the life of the planet. 
    Failure to protect either will lead to the end the game. To destroy is not the 
    reason we fire; we shoot for survival and protection. We want players to have 
    strong dedication to protection during the game.
    Certainly, we’ve rendered optimal playability to Bombom and ensured it is a 
    high-quality survival shooting game that conveys positive energy. We believe 
    it is worth recommending the game and the concept to the market.
Game features:
    - Thrilling, fast-paced 3D survival shooting games.
    - Easy-to-learn and highly entertaining dual stick shooter.
    - Several shooting skill levels and various vehicles to repel endless enemies.
    - Mighty energy-looting alien drillers- only you can destruct them.
    - Innovated player interface for dual stick shooter.
    - While smoothly playing the game, you can gradually challenge the higher dual stick shooting skill.
    - Latest two-life game mechanism. You have to protect both your life and life(energy) of the planet.
    - Casual or Ranking Mode for you to choose. Both rookie and expert can enjoy interesting and challenging mode.
    - Especially designed for skillful players who like fast-paced games and love challenging life(survival) shooting.
    - Aqua art style and vivid characters give you fascinating experiences.
Joe Huang
Game Languages
Chinese, Traditional; English
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