Block Breaker
Published 4 years ago
Available on
Windows; Android
Destroy all the blocks visible on your screen ;)
Block Breaker or Arkanoid is a game where the player has to control the paddle and try to keep the ball in game as long as possible. For every brick destroyed you get extra points. This version is very competitive. Stay focused!
There are 32 levels already
Bricks have different shapes:
- circle
- triangle
- rectangle
There are 13 bonuses:
- 5 of them are score bonuses
- duplicate ball (you have to keep watching the original one)
- invisible ball
- "fire ball" can destroy all types of bricks with only one hit
- get extra life
- lose life
- paddle becomes smaller
- paddle becomes wider 
- reach new level
There is also a mechanism which helps you to win when the only one brick remains on your screen and you cannot destroy it. After 10 minutes of playing the next level will be loaded.
You have to double click to pause the game.
Łukasz Maj
Unity Developer
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Android