Trigger 9: Blazing Strike
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Windows; Mac; TBA; PlayStation 4
Trigger 9: Blazing Strike is a 2D fighting game with unique fighting style and characters.
Blazing Strike is a 2D style fighting game. Inspired by Street Fighter 2 (the game that defined the fighting genre), the goal of Blazing Strike is to capture its essence, and branch out as a unique game that is entertaining and fun to play, regardless of whether you are a fighting game fan or not.
We are a 2 man dev team, working day and night, to fulfill our dream of making great games.  
What is Blazing Strike?
- Blazing Strike is a 2D fighting game with a unique fighting style.  We have designed a number of new fighting mechanisms that we think are very entertaining, because of the simple input commands, and the attack moves that are effective and dynamic.  With this addition of new mechanism, our goal is to create a fighting game that is both easy to pick up, and fun at the tip of a player's fighting stick. 
How many characters?
- We have created 5 in-game characters so far, and plan to release our game with total of 13 characters.  We would love to be able to add more characters post-release through DLC.
When is it going to be released?
- We are currently shooting for early 2017 (fingers crossed).
What else?
- Basic network play and story mode. Will be updating these two with more features post-release.
Any more questions?
- Please feel free to leave a comment below, and we would love to answer your questions :)
Hope you guys like what you see over the course :)
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Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; English; Japanese; Korean
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; TBA; PlayStation 4