Puppet Kings
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Windows; Mac; Linux
Puppet Kings TM is a modern take on Arkanoid® taking block-breaking to new levels of fun.
In a land where The Ancient Law states that kings of the four races should take turns to rule, the current king is determined to rule forever. But to do it he and his minions will have to overcome The Judges, titanic monsters whose job is to enforce the Ancient Law and prevent pretenders from ascending to the throne.
Puppet Kings is a modern take on the Breakout genre taking block-breaking to new levels of fun by introducing characters, boss rush as primary game mode and a roguelike twist.
This Breakout game takes place in a fantastic world full of action and adventure where you can face all kinds of enemies that will challenge your skills. All this, to recover their throne in this world.
Timba Games
Game Languages
English; French; Spanish; Italian; German
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux