Belron Way of Fitting Replacement
Published 3 years ago
Windows; Android
A serious game to learn the 40 steps of windshield replacement using the Belron Way of Fitting
Serious Gaming
The game is intended for new personnel that is going to work for Belron. They need to be familiar with the Belron Way of Fitting. The new crew are mostly young and Belron was looking for a new and exciting way of learning for this group of people. The idea of the simulation game was born and the user is guided through 40 steps needed to replace a windshield. When the learning is over and the user feels confident he can play the game without guidance to see if he can manage to do the job on his own. The game awards points for doing the steps in the right order and gives penalties when doing things wrong. In the end time is also accounted for and this will give you an end score. You can play as often as you want to get better so you will be prepared when the real thing starts.
Pre-practice training
The game is for pre-practice training. You won't learn the skills to replace a windshield but when you start you won't have to think about procedures because you have already learned those. Your focus can be on the skills which will lead to shorter learning time in practice.
Roland Kruijtzer
ing. - Manager
Yannick Stoot
Freelance Digital Artist - Artist
Game Languages
Dutch; English
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android
9 months ago
how do i play this very interested when i click on bluetea link says page not found