Beacon The Awakening
Published 2 years ago
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Windows; Mac; Android
Would you follow the light? In Beacon the Awakening you wake up in a strange world, with nothing but your will to survive, explore it to find clues that will help you to undestand, avoid the enemies and use them to your advantage, discover the mysteries and follow the light.
About the game
Beacon is our first major videogame, it will consist of two chapters, each one with entirely different gameplay. The first one: Beacon The Awakening it is scheduled to be released in 2017, with the second one a few months later in the form of a free update, we've been working in this game for the past 3 years, with almost 0 dollars, having part-time jobs to pay the bills and ourselfs, thankfully now we are about to finish it and that's why we need to give everything that we have in this last few months, we will try with all that we have to publish our game into the several stores we want to get into (STEAM, IOS, ANDROID and hopefully XBOX AND PLAYSTATION).
The Story
Read the very beginning of Beacon's story on this free webcomic:
Something woke him up, his head hurts and his right arm got a few bloody scratches, a backpack weights on his back, he quickly searches it's insides and finds a few bandages which he uses to wrap up his arm, he finishes and stands up, he becomes aware of his surroundings, he notices a big bright light glowing through the woods in the horizon, he realizes his situation, he doesn't know where he is. he doesn't remember anything, seeing he doesn't have a lot of options: the man decides to start walking towards the mysterious light. Beacon The Awakening has a short and emotional story, the game explores "close to home" subjects such as: love, fear, loneliness, life and death, it's important to remake it's ambiguous nature: The story won't tell you anything directly, it will give you details and it's up to you to have your own interpretations and conclusions, we hope this will make everyone's play through and experience different.
The Gameplay
In Beacon The Awakening you will travel from area to area by solving interesting puzzles that will require you to think out off the box, you wil use the different kinds of enemies and make them work in your favor: using them to open doors or get rid of other stronger enemies, however it isn't always smart to interfere with nature, you are an ordinary man in this game, with no superpowers, sometimes it's best to use the beautiful enviroments as a tool. The levels are structured in a "semi-linear" way, you can go though the game just by walking right, avoiding enemies and solving all the problems you come across, but in order to see "the light", " uncover the truth" and see everything that the game has to offer, you will need to explore and find secrets that will trigger new events throughout the game and will give you more clues to understand the story behind the game. Beacon will give the avarage players a 3 to 4 hours experiencie, with an extra 3 hours with the extra free chapter coming a few months after release, and about the double of that for dedicated players who want to "Follow The Light".
The Art
Beacon The Awakening features hand painted backgrounds that bring the diverse world to life, explore strange forests, abstract beaches, and magical caves, all thanks to our meticulously designed visuals that will immerse you into this strange world.
In terms of animation, each character and cinematic features frame by frame animation, done by hand in profesional animation software in the standar speed of 24fps, the game also has a bunch of special effects both hand made and rendered through the game engine, all of this carefully selected to create the best visuals that we can.
The Music
We've created a full original soundtrack, filled with beautiful pieces that foucus on setting the mood for the player to feel, all traditionally recorded and mastered, our songs feature keybords, cellos, violins, drums and guitars.
We wanted to focus on "the experience" that why each song takes you to different places and emotions that work in collaboration with the art and the gamplay to create an interesting aesthetic of mistery, sadness, fear and liberation.
You can listen to part of it here:
The Team
Game Languages
English; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Android