Beach Bowling Dream VR
Published 4 years ago
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HTC Vive
A room-scale VR mini-game for HTC Vive about getting ship-wrecked on a deserted island and finding that the materials from your ship have been turned into a beach bowling alley by a friendly ghost of a pirate!
[Note: The screenshots do not do this experience justice.  As with any VR game, the fidelity and immersion cannot be properly captured with a 2D screen grab.  With a reasonable VR-Ready rig, the resolution is very crisp and everything feels much closer and realistic.]
This is my first project using Unity3D with the HTC Vive.  The general idea was not to create a realistic bowling simulator or full arcade game, but instead to provide an enjoyable mini-game that utilizes full room-scale VR.  There is no spin physics, no pin sweepers, and the "scoring" is all in your head.  Just pretend you are in a lucid dream about being stranded on a deserted tropical island with nothing to do but pass the time while waiting for rescue.  The well polished deck planks made a good lane, the rum bottles work nicely as the pins, and there are cannon balls to bowl with!  When you are done having fun, simply wake up...
There are also a couple of easter eggs added in just for fun (and Steam achievments). Can you discover "Walk the Plank" mode, "Pro" mode, and figure out how to open that treasure chest?  :)
One of the most rewarding things about working on this project came when I was play testing the game with my family.  My parents were over and my Mom, who absolutely loves bowling but has not been able to play it in years due to wrist and shoulder injuries, tried it out for the first time.  Since VR is new to her, at first she had the expected "Ok, uh, what is this and what do I do?" type of response, but I just told her "Pretend you are really there, what would you do?" and within seconds she was off and running (er, bowling).  It was amazing to see her transformation as she laughed and played for about 20 minutes straight and finally said something like "I forgot how much I missed bowling and now I can finally do it again; this is so much fun!"  Right there, the work I had put in was already worth it. :D
Special shout out to my wife, Dawna, for putting up with me running off to spend a few hours each weekend in my "VR Lab" (aka, the spare bedroom) to work on this project!
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