Battle High 2 A+
Updated 2 years ago
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Android; Linux; Mac; TBA; Windows; Xbox One
A 2D Fighting Game posted from XNA to Unity on OUYA, Xbox One, and now Steam!
The fast-paced fighting action of the Battle High series comes to Xbox One with improved graphics, balancing, and "enlightening" newcomer, Lucio Marmo, in Battle High 2 A+! 
Face-off in the tough halls of San Bruno High for the Elementally Advanced and as 13 students (and 1 insidious faculty member) and discover the secret behind the mysterious illness stripping students of their powers!
Battle High 2 A+ is the latest entry in the Battle High series!  Starting out as a GameMaker game, this fast-paced fighter has now been ported to Unity3D!  This latest version is available on Xbox One and PC (with the previous iteration, Battle High 2, available on OUYA, PC, Mac, and Linux.)
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Supported Platforms
Android; Linux; Mac; TBA; Windows; Xbox One