Bathtime Toys
Published 2 years ago
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Bathtime Toys is a playground that sparks imagination and creative gameplay. Assemble lots of funny toys and let them float around. Express yourself by coloring them. Decorate your bath environment and share your creativity with your family and your friends.
Have you ever wondered how children have so much fun playing with their toys? Giving them life, speaking for them?
They instantly invent the rules, they change them in the next moment, they loose, they win, and they start all over again.
Well, it's called creativity and kids have tons of it.
Bathtime Toys is a playground that invites children to use their imagination and to create fun and interesting games.
It starts from the idea of not imposing any hard rules, no win or loose conditions. Some may say it's not even a game.
But kids know better when having a bunch of funny toys floating in a tub!
In practice, all sort of funny games can be invented. From simply floating the ducks around the pool, to trying some new ball games or to experimenting with physics and building boxes.
This is the main module that Bathtime Toys buids upon.
To make things interesting, toys are comming in boxes and putting their pieces together, that proves to be a fun challenge.
Painting them in different colors makes them personal and unique.
This 3d puzzle is the second module.
And last but not least, kids like to decorate their room. Why not their bath tub?
There are a whole bunch of tickets available to spawn nice decorations, from little flowers, to houses, and mountains.
Placing and arranging them around the pool is a very personal way to express.
Oh, and if you make a nice setup, don't forget to take a photo and share it!
Alexandru Simion
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