Published 5 years ago
In development
PlayStation 4; Windows; Xbox One

Badiya is a survival RPG set in an infinite procedural open world in the desert post World War 1 (Think Lawrence of Arabia). Life is harsh in the desert and players must explore and discover the supplies needed for survival. Although the desert is vast, players have the opportunity of discover outposts, villages, camps, and ancient ruins, and will have to deal with the wild-life and local populations of the area. Players must scavenge for tools and weapons, and must hunt for food to survive. Players are free to explore and discover the environment as they see fit, but they must be careful as the inhabitants of the area will treat them according to their behaviour. Badiya is built around the three key gameplay pillars of exploration, activities, and combat.
Ahmad Jadallah
Game Languages
Arabic; English
Supported Platforms
PlayStation 4; Windows; Xbox One