Aye Captain
Published 2 years ago
In development
In this game you control a small ship and battle your friends. Use your cannon and other weapons to destroy their ships.
Fight your opponents with weapons like your ship's cannon or with target rockets.
But if you think that only your fellow players want to make your life difficult you have been wrong.
In the depths of the sea lurking even worse.
And always keep the weather in the eye, who knows when the next storm raises.
Game Update #1
I'v added a main screen and a controller selection screen. 
Player one and two can both use the keyboard as input. 
Also all 4 players can use a controller.
Game Update #2
I'v added some new stuff to the game.
Now you can pick up crates and get some nice rockets :)
Now you have to watchout for the dangerous monster from the sea, a monstrous kraken is around and will pull your ship to the ground.
Game Update #3
There is not always nice weather in the Caribbean. Beware of wild storms.
It will be available in the next Build.
Game Update #4
Let me introduce you the Warhead. Ramm your enemies with it and make big damage!
Also here is a other picture of the stormy weather.
Game Update #5
After a first real gameplay test with some friends of mine I changed a few things.
- A sign shows you now when and where the kraken will strike. Then, you have some time to evade the attack., as well as the lightning during the storm. This way, you won't be simply defeated randomly, without warning.
- Made the ship controls more fluid to enhance user experience.
- The arrow that is over the ship wont disappear anymore and will stay at the screens border if your ship moves out of the screen.
I really appreciate your opinion and I am really thankful for it.
A few bugs have also been removed.
Also i've made a new map, a volcano near eruption, hurls burning boulders into the air. So be careful not to be sunk by the bubbling lava.
Martin Jochum
Game Languages
English; German
Supported Platforms