Axe, Bow & Staff
Published 3 years ago
Available on
Windows; Mac; Linux
A fantasy battle scroller where in one moment you gracefully support your companions with magic and arrows, and the next you accidentally throw them into goblin mayhem.
Axe, Bow & Staff is the first of the co-op runners; a pixel-art hybrid combining sidescrolling runner mechanics with RPG elements and zany multiplayer gameplay. It's a game you will love in single-player, but adore in co-op mode.
Main Features:
Single Player, Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
You COULD play Axe, Bow & Staff all by yourself, comfortably alone in your underwear with a beer hat wrapped around your head, or you could sit there with your so-called friends and play multiplayer locally. Or team-up with online play. Whatever. We support that, too. Your co-op habits are important to us.
Rockin' Pixel Art
It's like the 80s married the 90s and they never went away! Axe, Bow & Staff brings you the best in these pixel art classics-to-be. You saw it here first!
Chiptunes Originals
More cheer than you can shake twelve reindeers at in this catchy & original chiptune soundtrack!
Bespoke Like a Boss
30+ hand-crafted levels with various challenges and fun, fun, fun!
Multiple Playthroughs
Have you heard the saying, "A procedurally-generated level is like multiple playthroughs in the bank"? Neither have we, and yet here it is bringing more bang for your buck!
A Matrix of Options for Customization
20+ skill upgrades and 70+ items is, like, a really good way to bling-bling your characters. Which makes YOU, like, the equivalent of a fantasy game gangsta.
Racing Mode
Introducing side-scrolling Mario Kart! If you are tired of the co-op, try "testing" your friendship in the Racing Mode!
Did we mention that already? Well, it's really cool, you know. Really. Honest!
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; Chinese, Traditional; English
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux