Assassin Fighter - Fighting Game
Published 2 years ago
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iOS; Android
Enjoy the free best fighting game as an Assassin Fighter in an action fight
You as an invincible warrior in the action packed Assassin Fighter game have been shouldering the responsibility of rescuing the princess of Northern Himalayan Kingdome from the demonic rulers of south those are worshippers of Satan, the God of vice.
In this best fighting game for boys you as an Assassin Fighter come across and take on the army of evil fighters on varying impossible terrains scattered across the southern horizon in this fight game. You get involved into an action packed duel one after another to keep the promise of safe return of princess back as made by you to the emperor of Himalayan Kingdom.  
The different terrains that you come across the free fighting game include underworld, volcano, desert, forest, snow and others. 
  • To make the deadly fighting more lethal, the fighter is equipped with the best kungfu and other fighting style to defeat his opponents in very difficult win to duel.
  • The combos of punching and kicking have been used in the game to make the attack of the Assassin Fighter even more lethal and damaging.
  • The action in the game has been kept smooth and perfectly running for the touch screen controls. Kicking, punching and jumping in Assassin Fighter is an effortless and the more logical when fighting with the opponents.
  • On the due course of the fatal fight game at successive stages you will be equipped with more powerful weapons to save guard yourself from much lethal and harmful demonic forces of evil in this fight for justice. 
  • In each of the terrain, you will come across a different type of evil force that you will require to fight with entirely different force and power to win this game. For each of the respective terrain you will be provided with entirely different power and strength from the points earned by you at victory at different points in the game.
So! Welcome to the fight zone, in one of the most lethal and fighting game on the play store.   
Vishnu Gupta
Director - Owner
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iOS; Android