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Fast paced, bright and colourful arcade action accompanied by a pounding soundtrack. ARENA 3D features multiple game modes each with their own goals and challenges.

Play the free Demo and support the development of this "hotly anticipated" title

ARENA 3D is a fast, frenetic, bright & colourful arcade game set within a seamless digital realm. Accompanied by a pounding soundtrack, ARENA 3D features multiple game modes each with their own goals and challenges.
Jump straight into the action with the soon to be released free Singleplayer ARENA 3D Demo and go head to head with your friends on the Global Leaderboards.
If the Demo leaves you craving for more, take a look the ARENA 3D Kickstarter. Development is being undertaken by the single man team MB² Entertainment and your help is needed to realise the game to it's full potential.
Kickstarter page can be found here: TBA

Features of ARENA 3D

  • Multiple game modes based around classic arcade genres, with different goals and challenges
  • Singleplayer progression through the ARENA 3D realm, uncovering new game modes and levels
  • Competitive and cooperative Online Multiplayer
  • Earn stars to unlock new upgrades and power ups
  • Special challenges reward you with achievements and in-game Medals
  • In-game Leaderboards to see how your skills compare against your friends and the world
Mike Bushell
Lone Independent Game Developer - Programmer
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Windows; TBA
Chris Tiemessen
2 years ago
man... this game an a smartphone would be sooo cool!! reminded me a bit of 'tilt to live'... but this one seams to be at least as flashy and fun as 'tilt to live'