Published 4 years ago
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Android; iOS; Linux; Mac; Windows; Windows Phone 8

Aqueloo is a platform game remarkable for its watercolour graphics, relaxing and amazing soundtrack and its unique playability.
The Game:
Aqueloo is a small drop in a huge, dangerous and dying world. He has been sleeping for far too long, but now a voice has awaken him, and he must go into the blue. Using his ability of changing his physical state (into gas, liquid or solid), he must overcome every difficulty, tramp and enemy in his journey to save his world.
Nature is dying because of the action of an unknown creature, and Aqueloo has to find the source of all the pollution that is poisoning the world. While he was sleeping, the world has changed a lot, and his powers has been reduced.
At first, he can only jump from puddle to puddle, avoiding all the dangers that threatens him. Later, he remembers how to change his physical state and he learns to fly (by changing into gas - cloud) and to smash his enemies (by changing into solid - ice).
4 completely different worlds, composed by 4 levels each, with distinct mechanics, enemies and traps.
Unique wonderful watercolour handmade graphics, giving the game with a pleasant atmosphere.
Relaxing, amazing soundtrack, composed and performed by a recognised pianist for Aqueloo.
This game is committed to the preservation of the environment and nature, and tries to educate about the problems of pollution and the consequences it has over the environment.
The game is expected to be completed by summer 2016.
Néstor Perales Tejero
InfiniteGames Director - Producer
Game Languages
English; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; Linux; Mac; Windows; Windows Phone 8
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