Published 2 years ago
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Android; Android TV
Antynoid is unique arcade game in Arkanoid world. Instead of just playing with paddles and trying to destroy bricks, we are playing as a ball. We have a task to reach blue energy points protected by paddles. Also we have to avoid destroying bricks and doing other things which usually balls do in Arkanoid. Game main feature is cool and easy-to-learn gameplay which becomes harder with every new level.
Have you ever thought about playing as a ball in Brick Breaker game? Now you can try this in Antynoid!
Take control over one of balls in reversed Arkanoid, destroy bricks, avoid paddles or even destroy paddles!  
-New type of arcade challenge based on Arkanoid world style
-Dozens of great, challenging levels
-A lot of fun from destroying, avoiding and conquering map elements
-Many power-ups to pick-up and use
-Cloud Support
-Physic Elements
-Support for phones, tablets and Android TV
-Leaderboards and Achievements
- Avoid destroying red bricks
- Reach energy bars to get points
- Gather power-ups to make your game easier
- Earn Coins to play new levels
▶ TIPS ◀
- Colors of elements on map matters
- Some paddles like purple have weakness which makes them more easy to avoid
- Sometimes its good to not gather power-up
- On choose level window you can select additional HP bonuses for Coins
- From time to time you get free Coins so come back to game to play new levels for them
Marcin Olszewski
MODev - Programmer
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Android; Android TV