Published 3 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Antegods is a competitive 4x4 arena game in which players climb inside a stonepunk mech to hunt for energy and activate a huge titan battle station to bring down mayhem upon the enemy team.
 Antegods is an action-packed arena game in which the remnants of the Mayan civilization have taken to space. Two teams of 4 players each control customizable stonepunk mechs to hunt for energy and fight off opponents in a procedurally generated and highly destructible map. The ultimate goal is to activate enormous ‘titan’ statues that will bring explosive mayhem down upon the enemy team. Whoever wins these tactical battles climbs an intergalactic tournament ladder, ultimately becoming gods themselves.
Action-packed arena battles - Team up with friends online or split-screen, and wreck your opponents in highly destructible procedurally generated maps.
Battle with massive titans - Teams hunt for silk, the energy spread across the map, to activate their dormant ‘titan’ and cooperatively control it to annihilate the enemy team.
Modify your stonepunk mech - Customizable stonepunk mechs to match your unique play style; pick your own body, weapon and jetpack wings.
Strategize with your team - Deep tactical gameplay with a focus on team collaboration. Fortify your team’s position on the map and outsmart your enemies.
Competitive online play - Our online matchmaking sets up exciting matches to climb an intergalactic ladder, making Antegods ready for eSports tournaments.
Stonepunk universe: A novel blend of ancient Mayan culture  with science fiction brought to life in-game and in a comic.
Antegods is supported by the Dutch Cultural Media Fund, Cultural Industries Fund NL and the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.
Peter de Jong
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Windows; Mac; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4