Published 5 years ago
In development
Available on
Windows; Xbox One

Anarcute is both the cutest and ultimate riot game, with a catchy art direction and unique crowd-beat'em all gameplay !
Anarcute gives you a chance to lead the people's uprising and graps the reality of strength by numbers. The bigger the crowd, the more powerful it becomes. New abilities, powerful combos, those cheerful protestors can quickly become unstoppable in their attempt to wreak havoc across the globe.
Key Facts
  • Lead a group of adorably cute rioters that keeps getting bigger and bigger as you progress through the levels
  • Pick up any object seen in the street and throw those at the Brainwash Patrol before brawling
  • Take down any building on the map and take advantage of the city's layout
  • Beware of your surroundings as special cops with sniper or lasers may be around the corner 
  • Use your wits to complete different objectives on many levels spread across some of the greatest capitals of the world
Game Languages
English; French; Italian; German; Spanish; Portuguese, Brazil; Japanese; Korean
Supported Platforms
Windows; Xbox One
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