Alone in the Wasteland
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Android; iOS
Post Apocalyptic Adventure
The year is 2115. The past mistakes of mankind have finally caught up. Global Warming is in full force. The air has turned toxic, temperatures have skyrocketed and crops have stopped growing. Mankind has been forced to move underground. No one has been to the surface in 50 years.
One of the neighboring underground cities has sent a distress call for more fuel. This bio-fuel runs the cooling system and filters the air. Without it, no one will survive.
You have been selected to brave the wasteland, find bio-fuel and bring it to the city before its too late. There is nothing living on the surface, your only enemies will be your oxygen level and your own sanity.
Will you survive the wasteland?
Alone in the Wasteland is a top down 3D adventure game inspired by the fallout series. It features 45 levels that are designed as mini sandboxes. The main goal is to explore each level to find a bio-fuel can. While exploring the level you'll also have to keep your oxygen level up and battle monsters. The game has a unique twist that is sure to leave you stunned. 
You can try it for yourself on Android and iOS for free!
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Android; iOS