Algotica - Iteration 1
Published 3 years ago
In development
Algotica is an adventure puzzle game with educational elements about programming. This game isn't trying to be just educational, because when it's only about education - it becomes boring. This game will be interesting for wider audience because of it's references to our game industry and modern IT culture. The game also has a story that breaks the fourth wall.
Algotica is an educational adventure-puzzle game about programming, along with a story that breaks the fourth wall.
This isn't a boring educational attempt at a game that might intend on entertaining only little kids. Instead , Algotica has a deep story, unique gameplay, gorgeous art style, custom atmospheric music OST and so much more, all made by me with all my love and effort. I am the only developer, only artist, only 3D modeler and even the composer of several of the tracks of this game. Moreover, this game was my graduating thesis in university (the theme of my thesis was "use of gamification in learning programming"). 
The main mechanic is to lead a program named Lony from the start point to the escape point of a level. This must all be done using only formal rules and logic of the in-game world - Algotica. Although the game seems simple, each new level has new obstacles and sometimes even new mechanics. With each new Stage, you will use more advanced programming mechanics and understand more about programming, algorithms, and the IT atmosphere. 
One of my main aims was to create really interesting and new story. To achieve this, the narrative of the game evolves between three main characters: a program Named Lony (the main protagonist of the game), myself as a developer of this game, and you as the player of this game. I really hope that you will enjoy this fantastic story. 
I've tried to create a gorgeous, compelling, and atmospheric style for the models and the visuals. No third-party assets were used - all models and visuals were carefully made by me so that I could make sure that the design of each stage is unique and memorable.
Alexander Khoroshavin
Indie developer - Other
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nice work !