Abyssus - VR
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Gear VR; WebGL
Abyssus VR is an adventure walking simulator for GearVR and Pico Goblin/NEO using a motion controller or a gamepad to dive, unlock and customize environment, pick up collectibles and fight enemies.
E3 2017
Presented by Pico Interactive at E3 2017, Abyssus VR will be released by PlaySys in late Summer 2017.
One day there was an accident in the ocean deep and a long established balance between the light and the darkness has been destroyed. The time has stopped and you are alone to reconstruct the memories of the past and to define what happens in the future. Find long-lost letters from different ages and face people's struggles with time, destiny, coincidence and human nature, hear their voices, establish hidden connections and head to test yourself in a final battle.
Spend collectibles to unlock new territories, position them on your personalized map and enjoy a unique free-roaming virtual reality gaming environment.
Explore a sub-aquatic space, pick-up collectibles, face the enemies and discover stories of the past. Go through tunnels, find your own paths in submerged constructions, choose your own exploration speed, use the light energy to proceed in the deep and to defeat the perils that hide in the darkness.
From your desktop computer you can have a WebGL, non-VR dive, inside the world of Abyssus, where the time has stopped and memories are trapped in silence...and spy the "behind the scene" of the development of this Unity powered game.
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; English; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Russian; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Gear VR; WebGL
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