A Game of Coins
Published 4 years ago
Available on
Android; iOS; Windows Phone 8; Windows

A Game of Coins tells the story of a great injustice, commited a long time ago in the vast, distant kingdom of Faerul.
Follow the epic tale of Faerul's Royal Guards who have been turned into lifeless Coins by the Evil Advisor, in his attempt to overthrow his brother, the rightful king. In this new form all they can do is muster up their inner strength and slide fiercefully across the floor, with unwavering resolve being the only weapon they have left.
Do you have what it takes to lead your fellowship through the perils of the dungeons, up towards freedom and a chance at justice? Will you stand up against Evil when all you have left is the will to never give up?
  • A short but engaging story spread out over 9 single-player levels.
  • Online 1v1 matches without the need to subscribe for an account.
  • Various Improvements for you to unlock and enhance your play.
  • Challenging Trophies for those who want to push their skill to the next level.
Konstantinos Vasileiadis
Game Designer & Developer - Executive
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Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; Windows Phone 8; Windows