1949 EndWar
Published 4 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Xbox One; PlayStation 4; PlayStation Vita; iOS; Android; Nintendo 3DS
The war is not end: the defeated enemy fled!
In 1949 it was finally discovered the place where the enemy horde is hiding!
It 's time to write the last chapter of this war!
Diary of the Resistance
February 7, 1940
The enemy hordes are poisoning Europe! Hopes of resists are vain. We're falling!
January 15, 1945
Destruction, death, tears, hope was now a dream. The arrival of the Allies Ace has changed the tide of the war. HEROES won over evil!
November 18, 1946 
The peace must be won and maintained ... and now is in danger.
Our spies have discovered that evil is still alive and strong!
He is once again organizing and arming. alive and strong!
We'll find him!
1949 (unspecified date)
The we found! This time we will end the war
1949EndWar represents passion and love for the classic shoot'em up at the end of 80 years.
A popular genre in recent years has been honored by only conversions of old Arcade. It lacked an exclusive game, born and thought TODAY!
Finally Smallthing, crazy and heroic company, strengthened by a team of experienced developers, are creating a modern shmup in gameplay, retro style in 16bit.
Pure action! Dodging bullets rains, resisting huge explosions, pull-ups and acceleration in command of 3 great and destructive air of the '40s.
Flying through over 50 different missions, flying over evocative landscape, against enemies of any kind towards the mechanical mega-boss also more big screen!
  • 16-bit graphics + modern-fx: EXPLOSIVE combination.
  • +50 destructive missions, +30 different enemies, 10 mega boss: much to destroy
  • 3 upgradable planes with devastating weapons
  • An original story told by the ( pixellated ) characters during dialogues
  • Story mode and (hidden) Arcade cabinet mode
  • Effect CRT "old TV" ( for the nostalgic
  • Music arcade style composed in 16bit
The allies have given you the most devastating weapons available ... you finally succeed to write the last chapter of this war ?!
Stefano Campodall'Orto
Senior Gameplay Programmer
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; English; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Xbox One; PlayStation 4; PlayStation Vita; iOS; Android; Nintendo 3DS