Gamelogic Extensions
Collection of different Unity classes extensions that improves on the regular Unity features.
A package that contains objects and extensions to Unity classes that should be useful in any game: - A base class for creating Singletons from any monobehaviour. - A light-weight state machine class. - A monobahviour class that defines generic methods for Instantiation. - A PlayerPrefs alternative that, in addition to the methods of the standard PlayerPrefs, also defines methods for dealing with boolean types, and rays of int, float, string and bool. - Extensions for transform that allows easy setting of components of position, scale and rotation separately. - Extensions for vectors to calculate the projection and rejection, and the vector perpendicular (2D). - Extensions for Colors to get lighter or darker colors, get a color with a given value, and get an opaque version of a given color. - A clock class. - Generator classes for generating sequences of objects. - Response curve classes for easy defining piece-wise linear curves. - State tracker class to easily keep track of simultaneous asynchronous events. - Useful property drawers.

Jonathan Bailey
Sales / Producer - Owner
Esteban Gaete Flores
Co-founder and CEO - Programmer
Omar Rojo
Senior Unity Developer - Programmer
Herman Tulleken
Founder / Developer - Owner
Lead Programmer