Game Objectives
Analysis 03
Published a month ago
By Brooke McGuire
The three games that I will be discussing with in this article are Slime Rancher, The Binding of Isaac and, Fran Bow . All three of these games Have been in my steam library for years and I have enjoyed playing all of them so much. Throughout this article I'll explain their game objectives and tell you a little bit more about each one the games.

Slime Rancher

This game is so much fun to play. There is so many different dynamics throughout this game from a whimsical fantasy land to a world being plagued by carnivorous, cannibalistic creatures around every corner. Slime Rancher is classified as a Life-Simulation/Action Adventure game with the primary objective being to collect and farm slimes throughout your journeys on an extraterrestrial planet. The issues I have with the game is that there never seems to be a sense of where to go next. You have to constantly just keep walking around and hoping you find where you’re supposed to be. Maybe give a compass with the quest. The game has such an expansive map that this would be extremely helpful when getting started or even throughout further portions of the game. With this suggestion I’m not stating that there needs to be a compass with every quest but maybe just the ones that further the story line along. This game is one of the most intriguing and interesting games I have ever played. I cannot get enough of it and I’m still waiting on the next new update or skin pack for my little slimey pals.

The Binding of Issac

This game is also a lot of fun to play. The deep story line and the emotional ties that are made throughout the game play immerse the player so fully into this game. The Binding of Issac is classified as a Rougelike Action-Adventure game with the primary objective being a bit strange. In this game the player needs to defeat Issac's mom's heart and then defeating "It Lives". Throughout the whole game the player really sees the struggle that Issac has gone through and the abuse he's endured and this game is his escape from this situation. How the player interprets this escape is completely up to them. The issues I have with this game are extremely minimal. The game is made to be challenging and I know that, but it can be a bit more like impossible because of its random room generation. Even though I have an issue with this, I don’t think that the game would be the same if it was changed in any way, like I said, the game is made to be challenging.

Fran Bow

I cannot praise this game enough. This game has to be one of my all time favorites throughout any platform. Fran Bow is an adventure horror game that takes the player on a journey with a mentally ill little girl. The whole game you are told that the objective is to find Mr. Midnight, little Fran Bow's cat. However, the real objective to help Fran find peace in who she is and help her learn to not be so afraid of being different. Finding issues with this game is challenging, the art style is amazing, the audio is breath taking and the game play is extremely enjoyable. A minor little issue is the screen limitations where if you walk too far without picking up a collectible you cannot go back to get it. Fixing this would be easy but I believe the screen cutting you off is supposed to be a symbol of never looking back or not being stuck in the past. Overall, this game is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a little horror and a lot of adventure.
Brooke McGuire
Future BS of Psychology/Anthropology Grad - Student