Game Jam : Hatsune Miku Halloween Competition
The Miku Halloween Game Jam, was a competition where groups of about 3-5 game developers and designers had less that a week to create a game based off "Hatsune Miku", a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media who sponsored the event along with PlayCrafting NYC. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the world's most famous virtual singer, a week long competition was held at Microsoft. Our team decided to do a Halloween themed Rock Paper Scissors Game, which were followed by mini games.
The game was playable via keyboard, Xbox One Controller, and Xbox 360 Dance Pad. The characters models were converted from a program called Miku Miku Dance into Unity 3D. The stage assets and effects were assembled by assets in the Unity Store as well as custom art work. We work in person in the Microsoft office for 3 days and used Unity Collaborate to work remotely the rest of the time. We won 2nd place, though it was a great experience and we gained new knowledge on the Unity engine which we can carry over into other projects. Special thanks to Akiko Tokuoka for doing all the Japanese and English voice overs!
Johnny Jacques
Game Developer + Creative Director - Programmer