Game Dev Jobs
Published 5 days ago
Analysis 09
After doing a job search on two websites, I found that the most interesting jobs were the ones that related to software development. Although my interest in video games spans the entire process from writing to art direction, I have had less success with being artistic compared to analytical coding.
A company called Visual Concepts, located in California, posted an ad for “Software Engineer, Animation.” The company specified that they are looking for an individual who has a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science or related field. Luckily this is exactly my major. They also specified that they prefer an individual with 2+ years of experience in console game development. Unfortunately, it looks like this is not entry-level position.
In order to apply for such positions, I would need to grow in the areas of software development. Once I can pass coding interviews, I am confident that I will be able to find an internship. After I get my foot in the door of a company, I feel that I will have more choices in terms of job options. I feel that the first huddle is the most difficult to overcome.
The skill that I already possess that would be an asset to these jobs is my understanding of object-oriented programming. I have taken several courses in this topic and I am confident in dissecting problems and creating solutions. Although I have a long way to go in my major, I am a fan of learning new things every day.
The actions I could take to apply for such positions would be to attend job fairs. The pandemic has made it easier for students to attend virtual job fairs and interact with industry professionals. In addition, I can take a proactive approach and submit my resume to as many opening as possible with the hope of getting an interview.
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