Game Design Job Search
Published 14 days ago
If I were applying to a job in Game Design Right Now:

Praise – What jobs were most interested you.

The Jobs that I found to be the most captivating and enticing were the ones that involved the more abstract tasks and come at Game Design from a more managerial and cooperative role. Particularly, the Level Design role seems to be the most interesting because the role necessitates working with other departments and peoples to bring together all parts of a game into a particular level or environment. Level designers become a quasi manager of sorts because they become responsible for their own levels which are just a small portion of a larger game.

Overview – Overview of jobs (3-5) the description and company.

The Jobs that I found were Level Designer at Naughty Dog, Narrative Writer at Sucker Punch, and another Level Designer role at Insomniac.
The Naughty Dog position for Level Design is responsible for crafting engaging gameplay experiences that progress the narrative of the game. This position requires high collaboration, high development, and significant artistic talent to do well because it brings together all parts of the production team to deliver a final product to the player.
Narrative Writing at Sucker Punch focuses heavily on dialogue writing and storytelling within the studio. In the case of this job listing, the setting is feudal Japan. Similar to the previous position, this job requires heavy collaboration consistency.
The Level Design role at Insomniac is extremely similar to the Level Design role at Naughty Dog, except at Insomniac, the title is truly a managerial role whereas Naughty Dog's position does not receive that title.

Issues – What skills would you need to grow in order to apply for such positions

In order to be considered for any of these positions, I would need many more years of experience in the industry doing more minor things or working for lower-level developers (indie studios and such). I have no experience in game design, game programming, or narrative writing which means that I won't be considered for these potions.

Strategy – What skills do you already process that would be an asset to these jobs?

I have done developmental work in other languages, just not the languages used in Game Design. I have other creative experience that would also be of value when it comes to applying for jobs like these, this includes creative and personal writing that I have done.

Encouragement – What actions could you take to applying for such positions

I could build my resume further by doing individual projects and or getting smaller jobs (freelance or otherwise) to build my repertoire in order to be more considerable for better positions.

Caleb Pfanstiel
CIS Student - Student